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More and more people around the world convinced of the advantages offered by the programming skills. Working with the code trains the mind which positively affects the creativity and ability to think logically. But at the very beginning most of the developers is faced with a difficult decision: which programming language should I choose and what should I do first? Check 4 important steps when you want to start an adventure with programming languages and then do your job!

So you want to learn how to program? That’s cool, but first let me show you some important aspects, which should be helpful.

Begin with any programming language

The programming adventure can begin practically with any language. General working with the code for the most popular languages are very similar. Be a master one of them allows you to understand the logic of programming, so learning another language becomes much more easier. However, a good idea to start learning from the relatively simple language. One of the easiest is Ruby, which syntax was designed to facilitate the work with the code. In addition, despite the fact that Ruby is relatively young language, it has considerable support in the form of online guides or forums.

Read, practice and learn from mistakes!

It is obvious that at the beginning you should acquire theoretical knowledge by reading specialized books, attending courses or writing on forums for developers.  But just for the sake of your motivation to learn, after reading book or course, you should break with convention rewrite the code and start programming yourself and, of course, learn from mistakes. This is the best thing you should do at the very beginning.

Purpose - what do you want to do?

There are so many programming languages to choose and every programming language has some main or preferred applications. Depending on what we want to create, select the appropriate language can improve your knowledge and later work.

Progressively, the reason for starting an adventure of programming is the desire to create apps for mobile systems, such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Choosing the right programming language is the primarily conditioned mobile platforms on which we want to build applications. If you want programming for iOS, it is necessary to know Objective-C and Xcode/iOS SDK. However, if you want to be Android Developer, then your must-have will be good knowledge of Java.

The demand on the labor market  

Another frequently used criterion is currently situation on the labor market. There is no doubt that the most important goal of learning programming is to increase your chances on the labor market. More and more job offers are destined for application developers, website or system programmers. Before selecting programming language, you can do a small research and check on what is now the greatest demand.

“I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer. Everyone should learn a computer language because it teaches you how to think.” Steve Jobs

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