Years spent in the IT industry brought me to one conclusion - we should stop thinking about Outsourcing as the cheapest solution, connected with low-quality and in-one-word: repulsive.


People, mostly founders of startups, are in some way afraid of outsourcing, they are more likely to develop everything in-house. It’s a great activity when you have enough funds and motivated team of tech-savvy folks willing to work with you. Who doesn’t dream about this?

The truth is that almost all kind of startups has not enough money to develop in-house, incessantly looking for an investor or co-founder to help them grow. Beginning of the company is always the hardest part. In the event that you found investors and experienced people want to work with you, there is no 100% certainty if your funds are located in the right place, in the right people… You may figure it out little later - time will tell.

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If you have ever wondered how to build your own dedicated team, how to find right people working on your idea to make it real and useful, you should know one thing. It’s not a hard task if you have all resources needed, but it means that you are able to provide stable employment, an office or at least co-working place for your team. What if you don’t have those resources? Nowadays people specialized in mobile & web technologies are not near to reach, everyone wants them! If you are still reading this article I bet you knew it before…
Finding best talents isn’t the only one of difficulties startups are facing. If you want to make your dreams come true you need also to remember about marketing, sales activities. Today we are bombarded by all kind of advertising… To succeed, your product needs to be in some way unique, stand out from the crowd and be simply magnetizing.

How to achieve that? There is no perfect answer. Every human being is a small part of our society and our success depends only on our personal abilities, efforts we are making. To create a remarkable product, you should be aware that idea is not enough. People you work with are the most important part, remember that!

agile way of outsourcing railwaymen

Whereas you have an idea but no resources you may think about Outsourcing in a different way - Agile company should act as your partner, always trying to meet your expectations. As a result of building your own remote IT team you can focus more on your business’ core, performance and marketing. No one will better understand your needs than experienced IT folks.

To sum up, Agile way of Outsourcing may be something great for the future and we should definitely change our way of thinking. There is no doubt that thanks to Agile software delivery you may receive an amazing product tailored to your needs and expectations.

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