Apple Seeds, is one of our favourite project! We are so proud that its founders (Alison, Allison, Bobby and Craig) still cooperate with us. We are really glad that we can build with them their success. To understand new update on which we are working now we would like to bring you closer the whole meaning and project’s structure.

Apple Seeds, we love the kids!

Let’s meet the project’s founders. “We live in New York City and we love it” - this is what they are telling about themselves. These two couples have got together six children. Raising them, few problems occurred. During rainy days and cold winter, or hot and humid weather, kids start to boring in the apartment.

The idea of Apple Seeds was born from a need of these kind of activities that allows kids run and play with others in a friendly scenery. It is worth to mention few words about the project’s name: “One of my son's first words was "appsee" and I still remember how as a baby he would start kicking with excitement when we arrived!”

ruby on rails development ruby on rails development

How does it work?

Apple Seeds operates all-in-one play spaces for families with children newborn to five. It is located in New York City (3 locations in the city), Mumbai, India and Dubai.

Children can use unique, indoor playground, design according to children’s needs. Additionally there are over 100 classes a week, where they can participate in music, art, cooking, sport and many other lessons. One of activity hosts by Apple Seeds is birthday party. This area is now developing by Railwaymen.


Apple Seeds is a big online platform designed and implemented by Railwaymen in Ruby on Rails technology. It has two dimensions. The front-end layer made for users - parents and their kids. Allows to create a profile and pay online for playground (monthly subscription) and classes.

We delivered user’s friendly CMS (writing new articles, inbox) and CRM with many options and possibilities of managing the content of the website. In the back-end layer we developed the dedicated system -  AppleSeed Club Software.This tool allows to collect data and do many other actions:

  1. Connected to the system of checking cards, saves members activity

  2. Generates various reports

  3. Manages a payments

  4. Manages other than playground or classes activities as birthday party

  5. Allows to creates special offer packages

ruby on rails development ruby on rails development

Apple Seeds is a result of an excellent cooperation with one of our clients. It shows very good all possibilities, that gives Ruby on Rails technology, both in a front-end and back-end layer.

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