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Apple has announced that one billion smartphones have been sold. Nine years after its release, the company boasts that it has been sold billionth iPhone. Immediately appeared statement, which reported how long other popular products needed to reach the large numbers (and sometimes as far away from the ceiling reached Apple).


Although sales of iPhones dropping - telling us how recent financial results of the company from Cupertino - Apple just celebrating. Team Tim Cook has sold more than one billion smartphones worldwide.
iPhone has been with us since 2008 when it launched mobile revolution launched by Steve Jobs. Over the years, the iPhone has evolved all the time but going forward and increasing sales. Recently, however, Apple recorded declines, and many people think that time the boom in the iPhone is slowly coming to an end. The phone will continue to sell well, but not as much growth as before.

The reason for this is the saturation of the market, as well as a vast and robust competition from other manufacturers of smartphones. It is no longer the times when the iPhone marked the trends and was chased by the competition. Today, smart phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S7, the same set themselves targets, without many viewing on the iPhone.

Billionth iPhone sold two years after, as Apple announced that the world is 500 million of these devices. Tim Cook reportedly preparing a party for its employees. Meanwhile, however, the company probably preparing for the worse. Analyses indicate that this year's iPhone does not reverse the downward trend in sales of smartphones the company from Cupertino. It was not until next year's phone if indeed introduce announced solutions can improve the situation of Apple.

Exceeding the barrier billion record sales of iPhones Tim Cook, Apple's CEO announced during a special meeting with employees of the company.

Sales billionth copy of iPhone took place after 9 years of presence in this series phones on the market - the first model went on sale in June 2007.

- IPhone has become one of the most important and successful products in the history and really changed the world - said in a speech Tim Cook. - Today, for many of us, the iPhone is a part of everyday work easier and providing entertainment. The Apple always we put on quality rather than the quantity of units sold, but the number of billion iPhones sold makes us all proud - said Cook.

Billion iPhones sold in 9 years, although impressive does not change the fact that recently Apple smartphones are becoming less popular. According to the latest financial report of iPhone sales falls and this is the second consecutive quarter.

Perhaps the sale of iPhones will be improved after the presentation of the new iPhone marked with number 7. According to unofficial information, conference presenting this model is to be held September 6th. September 9, will begin preorder the iPhone 7 and 16 September the device goes on sale selected markets.

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