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Some experts doubt into the functionality and usability of smartwatches, but the increase of users will cause the quick dissemination of these devices. The number of applications for smartwatches increases too. The fact that nowadays there are available several kinds of applications eg.  sports, news and business, shows that the watch is slowly becoming a multifunctional platform. It is easy to use secretly during eg. official meetings, cycling, jogging or driving a car.

In March the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was held. The most popular and hot devices during that event was smartwatch. What kind of apps are the most popular?

It depends, but it seems that mainly the same we have on our smartphones eg. calendar, weather forecast or these that are tracking our pulse. The very useful thing is checking the notifications (eg. about incoming e-mails) without the need of taking the phone.

Applications for smartphones are no longer just simple functionalities. We have  advanced business tools that communicate with external systems, such as transactional systems and other databases.  The same is with smartwatches, and the fact that we can use them without having to take them out from the pocket or even keep them in hand. It allows to match more precisely  the user's needs.

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