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Babysitting is a special kind of a job. It is not only an opportunity to enjoy the company of children but also this is the requirement if you want to be good at it. It is much easier when you know that children like you, and you can develop a relationship with them successfully. Play and talk with them, ask questions or just having great time in their company.

Babysitting a very young child requires also some training, patience and understanding.  Sometimes it is necessary to have license or testimonials, when you are an experienced babysitter. It is very responsible occupation. Never leave children alone. No matter what happens, your job, as a babysitter requires to have an eye on them in their home, during all the time you spend together.

We have mentioned about few important things about being babysitter. On the other side of the baby there are parents.

ruby on rails railwaymen ruby on rails railwaymen

What connect children, parents and babysitters? The place where they can find each other!

We are talking about very useful web platform created by Railwaymen that is called Babysitters America. It is a nationwide, online matching service that helps families and nannies to search and find in a safe way.

The web app provides advanced search engine to establish the most suitable cooperation between both searching sides. Of course registration and filling the necessary data is required, when you want to join and use Babysitters America. When you are a nanny it is important to give information about your experience that parents can easily check on your profile. The platform is also a simple job searching service for caregivers.

The web app Babysitters America is based on Ruby on Rails technology. It is one of the three main technologies that Railwaymen uses in the projects. Other solutions that we have used are: HTML5, CSS3, Haml, Sass, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Sphinx, EC2, S3, SES, EBS, Nginx

We have to point that this project was one of our favourite. Check how it works on Babysitters America!

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