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“Ruby is primarily a language for writing beautiful code, which makes developers happy. Rails is an attempt to connect the beauty and productivity of Ruby to create web applications.” This is what creator of Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, said in an interview in Linux Journal. Great emphasis on Ruby esthetic is certainly one of the reasons for the formation of programming trend in this language.

Let's learn Ruby on Rails

If you want to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails, all needed materials you can find online. There are many, but a lot of them don’t deserve our attention, so we’ve prepared some tips how to start learning Ruby or how to upgrade your current knowledge.

But before remember: stop searching for materials, tutorials and books in your language. There are still much more valuable materials in English. Check some we recommend you:

Ruby on Rails Guides - the official online manual Ruby On Rails. Very extensive knowledge base. but we would recommend to just browse selectively topics that you currently need.

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Stack OverFlow - portal, where is published bugs, problems, difficulties and all types of queries from the IT field. These queries are delivered almost instantly answers and solutions developed by programmers around the world. When it comes to Rails, you'll find hundreds of thousands solutions for thousands of bugs.

RubyDoc - help and documentation for the Ruby language. If you have a problem with the syntax, or you can’t remember what one feature does, probably you will find this site.

GitHub - some kind of social media channel for programmers and developers. It makes no sense to write something new, what had been already written. So if you know what you are looking for, you'll find it on Github - perhaps the biggest hosting repositories on the network. Github was also created by using Ruby on Rails.

Ruby On Rails Api - documentation for the Ruby language, but records longer applies strictly to Ruby on Rails. Defined and described here all the classes and modules RoR, which you can read whenever you need to understand how exactly does one included as a standard item.

RubyGems - gems you can download not only from github, but also from the official Ruby on Rails aggregate most valuable gems.

RubyCasts - on this portal you will find instructional videos, how to make a variety of useful elements on Rails. It allows you to learn almost everything we need.

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