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Nowadays, creating an application is much more difficult task than a few years ago. Every day we meet with a hundreds of new original and innovative application.

If you already have an idea what kind of application you want to create and where you will search to find ideal users, now it is time to focus your attention on one of the most important element: what really does it do?

You should start with a good research, because if you make mistakes at this point, that consequences can be very expensive.

Why? How? What?

When working on a new application, you should focus on finding a niche. First, you should start by identifying the needs of your users. Very well suited for this model "Why? How? What?" proposed by Simon Sink or Lean Canvas Eric Rise'a. Questions allow you to find your problem.

Be agile & lean

You must be "agile" and act "lean", when creating applications. This means providing frequent small changes and constant testing them. On the prospects of the costs, it may be greater expense, but with such an approach will not stay with the application, which after three months of writing no one wants to use it, because we made incorrect assumptions in the beginning. More and more companies understand this, so you can use clearance work based on the provided functionality or hours worked.

Interface matters

The application interface is a very important element. It is not only aesthetic, but also useful and provide unique value, so that user could see it. Therefore, cooperation with the designer / UX expert is an extremely valuable lesson, because then your product for the first time in detail subjected to the rigors of logical and functional. Professional UX-sheep can be very accurately identify "holes" in our concept, and even evaluate business values with respect to the selected target group. Therefore, it is extremely important to find a high-class specialists who will help to transfer our idea of specific functions.

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