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First of  all we would like to say “hi” to you, the reader of Railwaymen blog. We suppose, you know that Railwaymen is a software house and probably you are here because of your interest in technology, mobile and web applications. This blog is a very important tool in life of our company. We can tell about our job and all other related things. At last, we introduce ourselves to the world. So why blogging is so important when you have your company or a startup?


Blogging requires small marketing budgets and offers really good way to deliver valuable content with bright thoughts. These activities should establish the brand with potential customers, employees and of course investors. Many companies make mistake by struggling with the idea that their blog will take too much time and effort. Of course it is not easy to write blogs consequent but for sure it also takes a lot of fun. If we decide to do it, this will be a long-term commitment.

You can find here some useful tips that help you to write a good business blog!

What to write about?

Your company and startup idea is very important for sure, but don’t focus only on you. Readers are interested in your point of view about industry news. There are many issues around IT which are for sure connected with your business. Follow the trends and write about it. People love read fresh news. Don’t forget that your tech startup is a part of the whole world that is enough good to write about it.

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Quality, language and style and look!

Don’t be stressed. Your blog is not a poem and you don’t have to be Gertrude Stein. Anyway take care about the language. Build sentences as well as people can understand your point of view. All articles are some kind of puzzles that create the image of you and your company.

Always remember about good quality of your writing.

The post are longer or shorter. Sometimes 300 words is enough to say something very revolutionary or the other time one thousand is still not many. Various posts can include plain text, mixed with photos or can be just a gallery with a few sentences.

What is the date of your last post?

When you write last time? Yesterday, a week ago, a month ago or maybe last year? This is one of the greatest sins - posting very random and seldom. You write something very interesting half a year. Your readers came back few times to see if there is something new but there wasn’t. You lost them and your blog almost died. We are all very busy, this is clear, but posting once per week it’s a job to do.

Smile :)

Make a good plan, promise yourself that you will write successively, search for the interesting content and you can be sure, you drive really nice tech and startup blog.

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