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Did you ever consider to start a career as a software engineer? Being a Ruby on Rails developer is always a good option and is certainly worth a time you spend on learning. Check what you should know, when you decide to start your adventure with Ruby on Rails.

When you choose Ruby language

Ruby's syntax is simple and readable. You don't need to write many long lines of code, it is enough when you write only one instead. Ruby has its community that is open with lots of gems, libraries and plugins. It is also very friendly even for the beginners. Ruby is a fantastic language itself and Rails adds another layer of complexity. At the beginning discover Ruby path with Code School.

What you should learn more?

  • Understand the object-oriented model that allows use Ruby with Rails
  • Understand the MVC pattern

This is not a joke at all, you must know English language :) Knowledge of building the simple sentences  allows you to write in an easy way Ruby's code.

Time to install Ruby!

  • for Windows, you can use RubyInstaller
  • for Linux and Mac, use rbenv and ruby-build manager

Source to use on your path to become a Ruby on Rails Ninja:

  • Book! You should read The Well-Grounded Rubyist ;
  • Screencasts are popular source of knowledge and you can find great screencasts on Rails Casts;
  • Read the resources available on
  • There is an excellent course that will teach you Test Driven Development  while introducing Ruby to you. You may find it here!

What else?

Ruby on Rails community focus around GitHub, so Familiarize yourself with Git and GitHub.  It will help you to deploy the applications, track changes and collaborate with other developers. First, learn the basics and give yourself a goal to finish the small projects. This is precisely the best way, how every good developer and every good professional starts their career.

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