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Choosing a path of an Android developer can be a promising career :) The mobile application developers will be really needed if we consider that Android have more than a 50% share of global smartphone market.

Where to start the adventure?

One of the most important issues is to have a very solid understanding of the fundamentals. Android development seems to be an interesting mix of a high-level object-oriented language with devices with small sizes. There are many good resources available for Android developers, including all levels of experince. Everything, what is  needed to craft the software can be downloaded.

A good place to start is the Google's official Android site for developers. Every developer should follow closely the available guidelines that are made free. Also, from time to time Google releases new update to its SDK. It gives developers new ways  of crafting apps.

What are the skills, you need to be a good Android developer?

  • You should know JAVA and Android SDK;
  • Hands-on knowledge of object-oriented programming, data structures and algorithms;
  • You should know version control tools, eg. git

What else?

There are some online available resources that help in Android developers web:

  • Vogella, provides premium Eclipse, Android and Git training and development support. This is a Java Open Source company.
  • Stack Overflow, is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers.
  • DevBytes, is  a growing collection of Android tutorial videos hosted on YouTube.

Are you ready to build your first app?

The best experince you can reach is to build the app. Now, when you have learnt a lot about Android, there is no more time to think. It is time to act.

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