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The programming language is not only the syntax and functions but it is also a philosophy. Not every programming language suits for everything. Even if there's a possibility of using it, not necessarily it makes sense. There is no greater or worse language. Programming languages can simply be more desirable in certain areas or environments. If you are wondering, how you can become a professional iOS developer, we would like to give you some tips. iOS, a mobile operating system allows to create apps with the wide range, from games through applications for banks, it contains API that makes the work easier.

Learn to craft  smart and functional software 

You should learn how to build a good software. How to structure it well, to test it and debug it. The important issue is a revision control, in case you work alone or with another developer. With a revision control you can make checkpoints that allows to go back to a previous version of a code base.

What is important about using a revision control:

  • A way to initialize a repo and how to clone it,
  • how to commit and push to a remote,
  • how to pull and merge changes from a remote,
  • how to check the status of your local repo.

What else?
Making tags is necessary when you submit your app in to the App Store. The place to start learning about a revision control is Github

Learning  Objective-C and Swift

Objective-C is created in 1983, as the extension of the C language with object-oriented capabilities, inspired by Smalltalk. Swift is a completely new programming language and it has not much in common with Objective-C. Of course you can discern a certain similarities, but there are elements you will not find in other programming languages. Objective-C has been repeatedly improved by Apple since it is launched, but owing to its past has quite specific rules of writing code. While Swift is a language very similar to other mainstream languages such as C #.

Nowadays it is good to know both: Objective-C and Swift, if you want to do professional iOS development of course. At the beginning learn the syntax and framework: objects, collections, data types, networking, JSON. Additionaly learn also what an object is, what a class is, and how to write methods.

What else?

You should also know the following skills:

  • Xcode, an integrated development environment, containing a suite of software development tools for developing  OS X and iOS software, powered by Apple;
  • how to show alerts and build the views;
  • how to integrate with REST APIs and parse JSON.

Build your first app!

If you have learnt all above issues and skills, you are probably ready to build your first app for iOS system. Building it, you prove you are on the best way to become a real developer. Don't forget to ship your work to the App Store!

What else?

Don't forget about following the latest trends. You can learn from the Apple engineers via watching WWDC video sesions. Search the App Store to test the best apps. Follow other source codes and use frameworks to improve your work, eg. AFNetworking

There’s a lot to do. But we belive, if you feel iOS in your heart, you should become a really good developer :)

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