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You know Ruby on Rails or maybe you are an iOS ninja? Anyway, you look for a job as a web or mobile developer. Railwaymen has prepared something special for you! If you love new technologies and want to learn more and earn good money in the great atmosphere, check our new project HERE!

We have design a small game for you. The puzzles of skills show you your real level of knowledge. If you are not sure about your skills just write us an e-mail, sent a CV and write why you ant to work with Railwaymen team.

IT jobs' market in Poland grows up very fast. Many companies need good specialists. We have written about this problem on our blog. Check also the following articles:

Are you a good developer?

Did you consider about the characteristics that a good developer should have? Do you find quite difficult to hire a talented developer? With all we have gone through, we’ve made some observations, because beyond knowing the languages there are some other certain more.

Women in IT world

The number of women that choose technical schools is increasing. Already 37 percent of students in polytechnics are girls. Already, employers complain of insufficient number of qualified professionals, but the situation can be mitigated by the increase in women’s employment in the IT sector. Women can be not only better, but also more sought after by employers, precisely because of their feminine more.

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