Connection between television and Internet is nothing special today. We can choose from the offer of many digital media players. One of them is Chromecast, device powered by Google.
It is a media streaming adapter, that turns HDMI-equipped television into an app-driven smart TV. It works very easy with smartphones, tablets (both iOS, Android) and laptops. It seems that this is really inexpensive Google’s answer for Apple TV.

The main advantage is its size. Chromecast looks a little bit as a bigger pendrive. It is 72 mm long. The other one is its price. You can buy it spending just £30 that makes it really competitive for Apple device.

Chromecast plugs directly into TV, and connects to the Wi-Fi network.
User chooses what to watch on another device (smartphone, tablet or laptop), and then through Chromecast displays it directly on TV. it has no real interface of its own, that means another device has to manage what to stream.

To use this small digital media player, it is necessary to install the app Chromecast on the device that is the kind of remote. The integration is smooth across both the iOS and Android system. Additionally, there is a possibility to download another app – Photowall that allows to watch photo galleries.

Photowall Chromecast Photowall Chromecast

Powered by Google Chromecast is for sure an unusual device. It is available for purchase online in the US since last year (2013). In March 2014 Google released it to 11 new markets outside of the US.

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