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Every Ruby developer must have been there, and so have we…

Railwaymen started the vacation season, but do not think it means our programmers have fun on the beach. They traveled many kilometers for the newest Ruby ideas to the source of the knowledge – the European Ruby Conference (EuRuKo) – the annual meeting that even Yukihiro Matzumoto never misses.
EuRuKo is the professional meeting of Ruby experts. What is worth mentioned, the conference is non-profit and the whole event is organized by volunteers from local Ruby community. It is widely known that Ruby community is one of the strongest open source communities. Railwaymen founders could have not missed the chance for exchanging ideas and sharing experience.
That was great to see so many Ruby developers gathered together in one place. General speaking the conference showed the development of the Ruby language. The speakers inspired programmers to look for the other possibilities, like alternative languages and what’s more they promoted the idea of creating our own unique language, that was very interesting.
The ancient walls and columns of Athens made a great background to this innovative atmosphere of being in touch with the newest technology.

EuRuKo Railwaymen

Next year conference will take place in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. There was a choice between Kiev and Zurich, but finally Kiev won. This is the 3nd year the Zurich tried to be chosen and failed again. Kiev is not very far away from our office in Krakow, so we have just marked the date of EuRuKo 2013 in our event calendar, for sure.

Railwaymen EuRuKo ruby on rails developers

Railwaymen flag, as being the symbol of Railwaymen business travels fits well Partenon. :)

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