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SCRUM is a set of rules to manage a project. The history began in 1986, but formally this method was described in 1995. Its name comes from the rugby play. It was created for the project management of severely predictable result of the work. Check what you should know about this project management.

Rugby Game

What do the project management methodology and rugby game have in common? As in the case of rugby, so in Scrum cooperation is the foundation that determines the ultimate success of the project. Scrum is based on the rapid delivery of valuable software. Product development is divided into smaller stages (iterations) called sprints. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber tagged as heart Scrum. Sprints usually take from one week to one month, and the result of each completed sprints should be to produce a ready-to-use potential of the product.

Culture of the work

Scrum assumes the responsibility of developers and creators for what product they will create. This means that the client and the contractor are on opposite sides, but they work together over the quality of work. Developers depend on the quality of the code, initiator of the project at the most functional product. This means that they both pursue the same - the ideal relationship.


Scrum doesn’t hide knowledge of the individual stages of working on a project - just the opposite. The Principal (product owner) has an accurate knowledge how the work on the product goes. He knows how much he should pay for every piece of code and how programmers work.

Planning poker

Planning Poker is a very important part of Scrum, which provides an efficient estimate and common understanding of the tasks. Before we get to due process, a few words about individuals.

Scrum does not prescribe the unit of planning. It should be adapted to the team and the project and reflect the real needs. Often it is convenient to adopt abstract planning units - assuming for example that a full working week is 15 units. Since the adoption of the divisions of time an individual determination of the band, later we will talk just about individuals. As the conviction to determine how long it takes exactly one unit, it does not matter.

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