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The sales on mobile devices is growing rapidly. The following trend is visible not only in the travel industry. Using mobile devices people can buy anything what they need in any place. There is a possibility to buy tickets, food and of course fashion using smartphones or tablets
. This upward trend in m-commerce is holding up quite strongly, both in the European and United States markets.

The statistical data which are published from time to time, clearly show that this form of sales for some companies or sectors will take over even more than 50 percent of their sales. For the sellers and for mobile apps designers one of the most important things is the good knowledge of analytics, that shows which device is more popular and why. In case of fashion industry good app should be not only useful but also beautiful. Fashion consumers want clear, high-res images and they want lots of them.

ios development fit@me ios development fit@me

But what about those who are mobile users and want to buy in shops not only online. In the following circumstances the great solution both for customers and for the big fashion companies is a very new app, available for iOS: Fit@me (beta). How many times in the fitting room you weren’t so sure if the clothes fit at you? After that you thing about all your friends who can help you but they are not on place. Fit@me app takes all your friends with you for shopping. It is really fast and easy tool that helps fashion shopping in connection to your social media network.
In all kinds of industry, not only fashion, it is really important to remember that things have to work easy. 74% of users will abandon the app after 5 seconds if it won’t load enough quickly.
Another point is that mobile technologies are constantly changing, so companies and designers have to stay up to date.
Check Fit@me in App Store and tell us how can we improve it for your comfortable fashion shopping!

ios development fit@me ios development fit@me

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