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Did you consider about the characteristics that a good developer should have? Do you find quite difficult to hire a talented developer? With all we have gone through, we've made some observations, because beyond knowing the languages there are some other certain requiremets. Check what they are!

Here are some characteristics, that are significant for good developers that can creat a great cooperating team.

Technical skills and willingness to learn

A good developer, with many years of experience should know both the older and the new language. His knowledge  gives him a great foundation to expand in other areas. It is obvious that today's abilities, tomorrow will be outdated. It’s important to have a developer in the team who has an interest in following the latest trends and wants continuing education.

Debugging skills
Creating code is one thing. When there is something wrong with the software a good developer should act quickly and effectively. Making changes blindly is just a waste of time and money.


Work environment 

Developers usually cooperate in a team. They have to be good to work ont only with other developers but also with managers, marketing department or sales staff. Some of them have special requirements about working environment: they like silence to concentrate or prefer chaos. Moreover, developers are not expected to have some customer service talents but sometimes it is necessary for them to learn a little bit from managers, because these skills can be useful on client meetings.


True developers work with passion. Their free time they spend on making apps or playing online games. When passion goes together with work, you have the real good professionals in your team.

Pressure and stress, deadlines

Sometimes  programming can be a very stressful profession. Developers always work with deadlines on projects. So this is obvious that not only Project Managers but also developers are obliged to respect the deadlines.

Do you have all or some of the above characteristics? Tell us about yourself and join Railwaymen team!

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