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The most important event of the year is coming. Just like every May, Google will be celebrating and featuring new technologies from the web, mobile, enterprise solutions and open technologies. This year event will take place on 18-20th May in Mountain View.

Check Google I/O 2016 conference website

I/O Google 2016


Preparing for the event, Google published the newest version of Google I/O app.

If you are going to attend an event, it's must-have or rather must-install app. In this app, you can easily check all interested lectures or presentations.

If you don't have an opportunity to be in Mountain View, you can participate remotely, because discussed topics will be streamed online.

 Google I/O 2016 app

For android-developers, Google I/O app is also a guideline with new UI trends and useful libs. Of course, developers can easily check it "how it's made?". The app is open source and available on GitHub.

Stay tuned for latest commit.

Waiting for new features

Every developer should find something interesting in Google I/O 2016 schedule. The topic scope is so various! From ads, android through design, mobile web ending with virtual reality.

Of course, major lecture/prelection will take place as a first. Google CEO Sundar Pichai keynote is scheduled at 10am on Wednesday 18th. During his speech, we will learn more about innovative initiatives and possible future grow directions.

We are looking forward to Android changes the most.

One of the most important speech will take place on 18th May at 1:00 pm. Chet Haase, Romain Guy and Dan Sandler will speak about the newest platform features. Preview of newest API version has been published on 9th March and has shown some changes.

Android N for developers

Most of those improvements will be deeply explained during Android panel. This year Android topics:

* What's new in Android

* Image compression for Android developers

* Lean and fast: Putting your app on a diet

* Accelerating your development career

* Android battery and memory optimizations

* Introducing Nearby: Physical proximity within and without apps

* What the Fragment?

* Android Auto for everyone

* Make shinier, faster mobile games with Vulkan

* Making Android sensors and location work for you

Some of those lectures can definitely help to improved your applications or show how to implement newest features. Upper topics are directly related to the "Android" panel, but that's not the end of the green robot on I/O conference. You have to take under your consideration, following another topic:

* "Material improvements" from "design" panel

* "Use analytics to build extraordinary apps" from "misc" panel

* "6 degrees of Freedom Gaming in Android with Project Tango" from "VR" panel

Schedule do not contain information about new devices, but we can assume that google could prepare something special.

Following "little birds whispers" from different parts of the internet, something new can be shown. Maybe new Nexus devices from HTC or something completely new.

We are thrilled and excited to check what occurred devs have been prepared this year. Keep up with the latest technology!

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