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Google just released an application called Google Trips that should be on every traveler’s mobile device. This application offers great features that will allow you faster and more comfortable getting around new places.

 Google Trips is an application that will allow better planning any trips - both apartments, as well as business. Thanks to it you can navigate without any problems the unfamiliar city, even if you do not have access to the Internet.

Foreign tours are just as nice as troublesome. The situation is worse if we go to other parts of the world than Europe.

 Let’s check how does it work?

After adding in the main menu we will be able to see the added value of our trip. Immediately striking contrast to "Download" button, which allows you to save all the data and use them where there is no access to the Internet - this is probably one of the biggest advantages of Google Trips. The whole time the use of Wi-Fi or mobile package is able to somehow "be forever" on our smartphone or tablet - whether we go underground, we're on a plane or anywhere else.

travel Google Trip Depending on the location that you decide to choose, Google Trips will be able to take advantage of several options, each responsible for a different set of information. For example, when you enter in the "Things to do", we will see just things that you can do in the area as well as their statement, map and assess the individual left by other users.

 Getting Around is a section, which shows practical tips for getting around the city and instructs how to get from the airport to the right place. At first glance it all looks obvious, but when you decide to somewhat familiar with all the possibilities it turns out that with this data we can really save a lot of time.

Need to Know section contains the most important data for hospitals and other institutions that can help us in Poland or abroad in crisis and emergency situations.

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