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With a strong and dynamic development of technology, information is one of the most strategic resources. Data transfer methods and modern network systems facilitate exchange, distribution and processing information. Fast exchange of data is a huge savings of money and time. With such a high level of development of telecommunications networks, security of transmitted data becomes very important, and sometimes even necessary for the proper and safe operation of the network. Data transmitted via network are vulnerable to abuse them by unauthorized persons, or worse modifications by them. This fact creates a demand for the development of newer and newer protection measures that as much as possible will reduce the possibility of interference in the private information.

Security problem?

The following data must be prtected:

  • protection of transmitted data via network
  • protection of access to resources, files, information
  • protection of copyright

With regard to the protection of transmitted information, it is very important to define which information is  transmitted explicitly or encrypted. Public systems are protected very bad, so the information, including the sensitive are exposed to unauthorized access. Here a key role is played by the human factor. Software and hardware managed by people who are employed in inappropriate positions and have badly set requirements and duties, result in lack of confidence in even the most secure system.

There are many methods and technologies to protect access to resources, depending on the time, cost and energy that should be used to their implementation and the rank of the protected information. The most common and also the simplest method is to control involving the use of logins and passwords. This method is called simple authentication and is implemented by controlling the user ID and password. The user ID is usually open and accessible to the public, but the password is always a secret and efforts are made only the user that uses it.  This type of security is associated with the electronic intrusion (ie. cracking or hacking).

About Protection of copyright

Copyright protection is mainly connected with the blocking the copying and dissemination of such information. A few years ago there was a real expansion of this type of security both in terms of hardware and software. However, none of the above technology does not guarantee that the author does not become a victim of theft made by pirates. Today, more and more are systems that do not have any protection whatsoever and only warning information that illegal copying of the data presented is a crime punishable by imprisonment.

Data protection and network security is a huge issue. This article just show that the problem exist and is serious. When the new ways of protection are invented, the new hacking methods are used as well.

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