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Mobile technology seems to grow up year by year and it has become one of the most important trends in digital marketing and ecommerce. Software houses like Railwaymen have new challenges connected with these solutions. In five years the number of clients that ask about mobile applications have increased and is the same as in case of web applications. They are asking about many solutions that give absolutely new opportunities for their brands.

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2014 is getting to the end, let's look back and find what we had  on digital market.

Mobile devices have improved. Smartphones become waterproof, bigger with better batteries. Screens give more flexible way to communicate with consumers. Mobile payments are reality now together with eg. mobile boarding passes and other tickets available just on the smartphone's screen.

We cannot mention about beacons once again. They  give  another way to link the physical world to the digital, creating more opportunities for companies to connect with customers. 

We are sure that above trends will be developed in 2015.

What did go wrong way in 2014?

Celebrities photes' leakage from iCloud after the brutal hacker's attack stay long remembered as a disgraceful moment in the history of Apple.

The end of the year should bring a revolution in the world of expanded reality. The president of Google, Larry Page proudly paraded in the New York subway with Google Glass glasses on his nose, and any information about their possible usage makes a really media earthquake.

Unfortunately glasses didn't reach the shops. Developers have passed away from the project and customers more closely watched virtual reality projects, such as the Oculus Rift. Google Glass also aroused much controversy legal nature (eg. Recording movies in the cinema or wearing them while driving) and social (allegedly locked Face Detection).

Probably company will focus on selling the glasses for very specific applications, eg. in the production of cars or performing complex surgeries. The use of glasses are also interested in the American military forces.

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