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Poland has an increasing potential for the development of outsourcing business and IT. In the report Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations 2015 Krakow was on the 9th Place. However, in Europe, Krakow in this category is in the first place! Defeated cities to India and the Philippines, but this high place proves that Poland is becoming a more attractive target for modern business. At lower positions were yet Warsaw (30th place) and Wroclaw (62nd).

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What does make that Krakow is such a convenient place for the business services industry and what are the prospects for the development of this sector in the capital of Lesser Poland?


Krakow is slowly becoming one of the global hubs of outsourcing accounting services and IT. As a result, in the town were still many new jobs. January 1, 2016, the company will employ there approx. 50 thousand. people. Meanwhile, from early 2015 they said that the ceiling is reached approx. 45-46 thousand. employed. As you can see, analysts wrong by as much as 10%! New forecasts indicate that at the beginning of next year, corporations will be the workplace for more than 60 thousand people.

Experts suggest that Krakow has achieved such success for two reasons. Firstly, as a strong academic center has large reserves of the well qualified workforce. Secondly, thanks to the airport and the highway are well connected to the rest of Europe, and therefore the whole world. When Krakow has located has a few strong, global players also had a place of a snowball effect. They are attracted to the city more companies. It facilitated cooperation between different actors. Experts said even that Krakow is in this respect a global phenomenon. It worked there because creating an atmosphere of mutual cooperation even between competing companies, which to the extent that there is nowhere in the world.

There is no indication either that the trends in employment in the business services industry in Krakow soon change. Experts agree that it continues to grow there will be a number of jobs in both already operating in the capital of Lesser Poland companies and new entities that choose to open their centers there.


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