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Mobile overtake desktop internet becoming the main medium in 2017, ie one year earlier than previous forecasts indicated. In 2017 years, advertisers worldwide spent on advertising on mobile devices 99.3 billion, and desktop devices - 97.4 billion USD.

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According to published in December last year of the forecast, mobile had to overtake desktop in 2018, but due to the rapid development of the mobile advertising market, ZenithOptimedia analysts felt that this change will take place a year earlier. Segment ads on mobile devices are growing at a dizzying pace: in 2015 grew by 95%, this year is expected to increase by 46%, and in 2017 and 2018 - by 29%. As indicated in the report published a week ago ZenithOptimedia Media Consumption Forecasts, mobile is the dominant way to access the Internet. The advertising market is catching up with consumers because advertisers are looking for ways to effectively reach them via mobile internet.

Falling advertising spending desktop
Expenditure on advertising on desktop devices reached a peak in 2014, reaching 98.9 billion USD, and in 2015 fell by 0.2% to 98.7 billion USD, because advertisers began to move mobile advertising budgets. ZenithOptimedia analysts expect further declines in advertising spending on devices such as desktop: by 0.9% in 2016 to 0.4% in 2017 and 6% in 2018. Global advertising expenditure desktop reaches the 2018 value of 91.5 billion USD they will constitute 42% of all online ad spending.

More than half of consumers worldwide use mobile devices while shopping: 53% compares using them money, and 52% checked data on products - according to Nielsen research.
Mobile devices have long ceased to perform only communication functions. Currently, they are accompanied by almost without a break for millions of people by allowing them to search for information online, browse social media or comparison of offers individual stores.

Mobile marketOn a global scale, up to 74% of those surveyed by Nielsen claims that appreciates the benefits of connectivity to the network at any time. 70% of respondents admit that mobile devices have changed their lives for the better.
Possibility to use the internet at any time influenced the way of shopping, use the services of banks and payment.
More than half of global consumers while shopping using mobile devices - 53% compared with their help prices, and 52% checked data products.

44% of respondents use the mobile device looking for coupons or discounts, 42% used them to make the best purchasing decision. 41% say that thanks to smartphones and tablets their shopping trips become shorter and more efficient.

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