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During summer travel agencies record increasing of their sales. We can also notice that sales on mobile devices also is growing in the travel industry, and it happens more rapidly year by year. It is very comfotable when without leaving home people can buy travel services. Using smartphones or a tablets there is a possibility to book flights, hotels or rent the cars and even buy tours.

travel mobile apps travel mobile apps

Mobile revolution continues and it is present in our daily life. Customers are using the opportunities offered them on smartphones and tablets. Nowdays these devices are used for calling, conducting business correspondence, but they are also an important element which supporting the shopping.
The aspect of usability and making our life easier is one of key factors that drives mobile services market.

travel mobile apps travel mobile apps

We must also bear in mind that mobile devices have become common tool in the search listings and tourist guides. Expedia estimates that nearly 70% of users booking rooms within a 24-hour period via their mobile device.

Following the technological development many citities or areas give people the opportunities of mobile apps guides to attract their touristic offer. As a result, apps become not only the tools that effectively create modern marketing image, but also provide convenient access to tourist information, replacing the resident, traditional maps and guides.
Apps by geolocation technologies provide information about objects and routes nearby, and navigation help to reach the selected sites. Walking trails are usually categorized such as study trips, culinary, historical and etc. Each user can choose the mode of sightseeing according to individual preferences. Integration of apps with popular social networks (eg. Twitter, Facebook) enables the user sharing best experience during vacations.

travel mobile apps travel mobile apps

Today, the apps are certainly an interesting alternative for those who need tour guides. They always include the most interesting places, routes and trails across the cities and world. If you are visiting Cracow try our “Cracow on Rails” mobile guide compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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