Setting a new standards in a IT industry, Railwaymen follows everyday after new solutions. Because last time we have a lot of the new projects based on iOS technology, we would like to point a few things from the WWDC 2015, Monday's Apple conference.

El Capitan

According to the Apple report, Yosemite is well adopted on 55% of the devices. Now, we welcome El Capitan the new OS X that is presented as a great system to work. We can find a few nice, new solutions as zooming cursor when waving him to find it on the screen. People who works on the large screens must admit that this happens to them very often.

iOS 9

In iOS 9 we can focus on new opportunities in the ecosystem voice assistant Apple - Siri. This is expected to support more complex commands and inform us with new types of notifications. We could notify the connections between Android and iOS but Lollipop looks a little bit poorly - mainly because of the huge fragmentation of Android, so that why,iOS is much better. Update for mobile devices will be easier thanks to a smaller amount of data needed to update - the previous was a bit problematic, because forcing users to thoroughly clean their devices.

We have to mention a few words about Apple Pay

Apple acquired new partners and thereby mobile payment service will also be available in the UK. This is the first step of the Apple Pay in Europe - probably after that, new countries will join.


Apple is taking a big step to make its Swift programming language more widespread. The language’s compiler and libraries for iOS, OS X, and Linux should become available under an open-source license by the end of the year. Apple describes Swift as a successor to C and Objective-C, with its support for object-oriented programming and whole module optimization. In addition to going open source, Apple is introducing Swift 2.

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