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Currently the strategy for managing IT by outsourcing comes back to modern managed company with clearly defined business and good financial situation. Thanks to the dedication out of tasks, not directly related to the core business of these companies, can focus their resources and financial resources in areas where achieve a competitive advantage.

"Harvard Business Review" stated that the greatest discovery of business last 75 years was outsourcing services !

Outsourcing is very complex. It means highly specialized services to enterprises in the area of production, or business processes. Easy access to modern technologies, saving time, reducing costs - these are just a few benefits that we get from the start. And what exactly we gain in outsourcing services?

A key perk of outsourcing services is the ability to build a competitive advantage through the use of new technologies. The company continues to focus on its core business and the development of the IT environment is left to experts in the field.

More and more enterprises evaluate this as a very efficient pointing to a number of benefits, that include:

Access to valuable knowledge - using outsourcing company with a group of specialists, that usually have a lot more experience, skills and knowledge, than employees of our company.
Savings - outsourcing allows a significant reduction in costs.
Efficiency - use of working time is more effective, because in the context of IT outsourcing specialist works only when there is something to do.
No restrictions - Client can use multiple technologies and works not with one employee but a whole team of specialists.
Warranty - signing an outsourcing agreement get guaranteed high quality of service.
Competitiveness - external IT environment allows the company to focus resources on strategic business challenges and provides concurrent access to a modern technology.
Productivity - the company can concentrate all its energy on what it does the best, on their specialization, on what creates the most value for its customers.
The potential - companies from the sector of small and medium-sized businesses often can not afford full-time employment specialist IT industry. However, they may realize their full potential, working with an outsourcing company.
Companies providing IT outsourcing now fully develop their offer, that makes for a potential customer their services will become much more cost effective than creating their own IT resources.
More and more companies are becoming aware that cheap  supplier can in a natural way to limit our access to the benefits of innovation, the implementation of that requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

What are the risk factors?

Trust - share with an external entity sensitive data. There is a risk the use of data for other purposes than were made available. These are of course legal consequences for our security and these kind of guarantees should be added in the contract agreement.

Control - using outsourcing lose some control over the tasks commissioned an external company. This often requires the company to change management style and familiarize yourself with the new situation in the company.

Knowledge of the company - insufficient level of knowledge of our business by outsourcing can cause difficulties both in communication and in adapting to the specifics of the company and its needs.

How to check whether a potential partner is worthy of attention?

  • The range of services offered by the company;
  • testimonials from satisfied customers and sample projects;
  • the company's experience and uptime in the industry;
  • the human factor, or how to talk to a company representative;
  • human resources, or what kind of specialists work in the company;
  • Cooperation with providers of outsourcing services in most cases, allows the company to pass on much more manageable variable costs. Every company, regardless of size, have access to the latest information technology and assisted by experts from the IT industry. The door to new possibilities are wide open. Only depends on us whether we use them for maximum development of their business.
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