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The assumptions to build a good team should be entrusted to a professional recruitment company, which should we choose specialists to the nature of our project.

The only problem is that it will be a completely new team in a new IT department and thus run out at the beginning of elements such as:
To remember that "IT staff" is not just programmers. It also managers, testers, team Leaders. You may find that very soon we created quite a big team. This raises immediately the question - is it necessary at the very beginning? Probably some managerial competence will not be burdened with work at 100%. In this case, if we care about time, we have a limited budget it is safer to use the services of an experienced Software House.


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What gives us Software House? Closed budget, a pre-determined deadline, proven experience in other projects and expertise of many people employed in the company (eg. Designer'ów UX, Graphic designers, SEO experts and marketing). For this developer with extensive experience in implementing similar projects. Everything in one place. People familiar with and complementary to each project. So much theory. A risk? Of course, there is. Lies in the fact that the subcontractor simply will not work - reasons can be many: poorly planned project, underestimated, gaps in experience (sometimes concealed from the client), etc. The risk is never eliminated in this case, while it is good to regularly monitor the progress work and to be vigilant feedback flowing from the agency.

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