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Should I hire a software development company or freelancer? What would be the right choice for my upcoming website? Are web development companies so expensive? Are freelancers reliable? You must have asked yourself these questions while looking for the professionals to develop your first website or mobile app. When you get an amazing product idea, you get excited. But, you must not forget what lies ahead. Before you start the most challenging process – product development; you need to make a final choice: Software development company or freelancer?

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Whether you are wondering to build a highly-functional mobile app or innovative software, you will need to hire a software development agency or freelancer for the coding work. When it comes to hire a developer, most business owners get confused and take a wrong decision that ultimately results in undesired product delivery. As each requirement is different, there’s no winning answer as to whether development agency or freelancers are the “right” choice. With the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages associated with both these options, you can make the right choice and hire the reliable people you need for your dream project.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelance Developer

Freelance developers or programmers are the individuals who have a particular set of coding skills. They either work for several organizations as a contractor or have their own clients (local or global). The independent freelancers often work from home (or any other place they feel comfortable).

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  • Low Prices: You don't need to pay for the office space and other related costs while hiring an independent freelancer. Most of the freelancers charge affordable prices than the web and mobile app development companies. However, if a professional freelancer’s hourly charges seem high, you can expect to save 15-20% Off the price of development agencies. Make sure there are no hidden charges mentioned in the contract.
  • Expert in a Specific Area: Most freelance developers manage their own businesses; they usually have a great expertise in a particular field. That's why it's better to hire a freelancer for some special tasks or to build the products similar to those they’ve already created. In order to show their skills, freelancers provide their portfolios and feedback. You need to check their portfolios and feedbacks carefully.
  • Better Flexibility: Freelancers aren't bound to do their work in a specified time. Whether it is a day or night, weekdays or weekends; they can do more work by managing their own schedules.
  • Easily Found: There are several online platforms where you can find the independent freelancers. Make sure you are going with the well-known agency or platform. They work under a fair contract; if you agree to their terms, they get right to work for you.


  • They may Disappear: Generally, freelancers work on multiple projects, so they may suddenly disappear or leave your project one day. Being a smart business owner, you need to make sure they’re available on your schedule and delivering the tasks on time. You need to be prepared with the next plan in case they aren't.
  • Confidentiality Issues: It is one of the most common problems associated with the freelancers. Not every freelance developer cares about the confidentiality of your product. Your product's success might not be their priority. Though you can ask them to sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement), but you will still need to weigh up the risks.
  • Lack of Organization Skills: Freelance programmers may be perfect at their work, but they are not always great at making plans and organizing several complex tasks. Lack of organization skills may affect the timeframe of the product development.
  • No Maintenance: Freelancer Programmer will deliver your product that may be free from bugs. But, if the errors appear in the future, you will have to look for other developers to fix them. The freelancers are not bound to fix those bugs in the most cases.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Software Development Company

A software or mobile app development company is a team of experts that generally consists of professional designers, programmers, project managers, and quality analysts. From product development to maintenance, they provide full-cycle services.


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  • Suitable for Big and Innovative Projects: A reliable software development agencies always provide the full-time services including expert consulting, market analysis, product idea evaluation, and maintenance. All these steps are critical, especially if you’re an entrepreneur wondering to build your first product.
  • A Highly-professional Team: With a mobile development company, you get a chance to work with a well-skilled team of designers, developers, project coordinators, QAs, etc. Unlike freelancers, each professional play a different role and work solely on it. They have already worked on several projects, and now they are capable of resolving the given issue.
  • Advanced Technologies and Latest Trends: A reputed software development company is consistently growing and improving; they are well informed about latest trends and advanced technologies to offer up-to-date solutions. After performing in-depth research and market analysis, they will strive hard to turn your idea into reality.
  • Faster Workflow: When you hire a development agency, you get a dedicated project manager who will send you the updated reports with a new plan. The project manager assigns the tasks to the developers while approving that work or making some adjustments. A well-organized workflow will never meet the deadlines.
  • Long-term Collaboration: Software development companies prefer making long-term relationships with their clients. It is more suitable for the startups that have multiple products to be developed.

  • Maintenance, Constant Updates, and Support: A long-term collaboration is not just limited to the development, but you also get the maintenance, regular updates, and bug fixes. Sometimes, it also includes some additional functionality even after the successful delivery of the project.
  • Reliability: Web Development agencies value their reputations and strive hard to deliver the top-quality products while seeking positive feedback from the clients. Besides, you won't face failures due to the absence of the resources as the developer can be replaced quickly within the firm.


  • High Rates: The only disadvantage that you may find with the software development agency is the high rates. Freelancers are certainly cheaper than a product development firm. Though, the rates strongly based on the region.Always go with the reliable developer with fair prices instead of accepting the cheapest offer.”

The Final Verdict

In order to get the right decision and best product, you need to consider all these significant things mentioned above. Remember, your upcoming website, mobile app, or software is going to be your identity. And, you really need to take care of quality while choosing the developers. Most successful startups choose to hire a reputed software development company over freelancers to get the amazing product.

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