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15 days after New Year’s Eve is a good time to sum up our last year activities. Ask
yourself once again – was it a good year? We hope it was as good as ours!

According to Railwaymen mission we put stress on railing brilliant ideas to people.
That means we were trying to deliver smart solutions for entrepreneurs. But they were
not the only ones… Who cared about gifted students of computer science whose only
dream was to learn more about Ruby – one of the best programming languages? We
cared and we wanted to rail to them something special. Did we managed to achieve
goals? Follow evidence below and … decision is yours!

First of all we focused on improving our skills in order to keep up with all of the
technical innovations. Our programmers were determined to travel around Europe to
meet with the best Ruby on Rails professionals and share with them experience. While
participating in EuRuKo 2012 in Amsterdam (Holland) we had great occasion to meet
with RoR developers from all over the world and discuss topics about Ruby, HTML5,
Sass, CoffeeScript and many more.

Then we moved to Helsinki on Frozen Rails (Finland) conference to code better as
well as use Resque library effectively. These meetings enable us not only to deepen
technical knowledge but also to get familiar with Scandinavian culture and way
of building business relationship that appealed very much to us.

Moreover, our priority during the whole year was to offer best service for clients. It
demands building up face-to-face relationship. Taking part in SXSW in Austin (USA)
gave us this opportunity and we did not hesitate to take a chance. Starting cooperation with
many entrepreneurs there was a great experience. We still keep in touch with them and
are looking forward next meeting in March 2013!

Last year there was occasion to cooperate locally with computer science students too. In
Krakow there are very good universities we were loved to work with during workshops.
Ruby on Rails community is famous for sharing knowledge and new ideas so
contributing in this process was a great pleasure for us.

We organized workshops with AGH University of Science and Technology,
Jagiellonian University and Cracow University of Economics. In each case there was
full attendance that shows students were very interested in the topic. We were trying
to show them how beautiful and clear is code in Ruby and how much easy it is to start
coding in this language. Furthermore workshops were of interest of academics as well,
which made us very happy.

These are some examples of what we were doing to reach our clients expectations,
improve our skills and share knowledge with the others. Next year is going to be even
more busy.

We hope your 2012 was a good year too :)

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