The Railwaymen Ruby on Rails Summer School 2013 has just completed. It was the end of the training and the end of the summer time. But we are sure, that this time was not wasted.

We decided to organise training, because we feel like we have a knowledge and experience that we want to share with the others.

Railwaymen Ruby on Rails Summer School 2013 was the first edition of trainings organised by our company. Despite having prepared all staff long before the first day of training, we were full of doubts. The first time is the difficult one. And the experience with one-day workshops about similar topics did not help, because Summer School was planned to be a one-month event and we wanted it to be done perfectly.

We started preparations with the selection of the main topic and the topic “AskExpert – social platform. The project and the implementation” was chosen. The topic included the list of lessons:

1. Introduction
2. User authentication
3. Social network integration
4. Background jobs implementation
5. Post creation
6. Contact management
7. Post comments

Two of us, Tomek Wielgocki and Kamil Baćkowski was asked to be the speakers and to be honest, they did it well.

Being curious about the feedback from students, we asked them for short evaluation. And we received very positive comments. One of them you can see below:

“I wish it was more courses like this one. Maybe it will prompt the others to promote Ruby and RoR to be more popular.”

These words give as a motivation to plan second edition of training about Ruby on Rails…. and not only. iOS training is something we think about, too. Follow us to get news about next courses!

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