Companies and startups should be doing whatever they can to take advantage of all available tools to promote themselves. Additionally when they connect online and offline methods, success will be really at the fingertips.When the entrepreneur has a great product, clients would like to hear about it from public relations in more than one way. The obvious benefit is not only publicity but in the same time company gains credibility.


Do you really need PR? The answer is only one: of course you do! What exactly means public relations? It is easier than you think: PR is human relations. Treat it all the same way. It is important to start building relationships early and leave the proper image of your business in minds. Remember that social relations that provide value and create long-lasting relationships. Treating your partners and clients as friends provide you measurable value.

public relations for startup company public relations for startup company

First of all, stop sending boring emails and making cold calls. These activities give you no effort and cause loosing of your authenticity. The way it works is easy: when you give no impression on your story, why clients should answer. Probably, they see just “bla, bla, bla”. Invest your emotions in a relationship. That’s the base!

Social Media will help you!

Consider the social media as a marketing channel. It helps a lot to build the real and authentic impact on customers. Of course the proper engagement is only when you instead of mindlessly pushing promotional social media content, build relationship saying stories. In the moment you catch the relationship you have to start working on it even more harder. Remember that friendship is always about them, not about you.

Looking for the business partner, create your image.

Always introduce you in a short and meaningful way. "Elevator pitch" is something what you must have ready in all situations. Write one but clear email instead of many - business people are busy people. Using social media provide value that you really, truly believe is beneficial both for you and for your partners or customers. Be genuine - they recognize your intention. The next thing you should remember is to listen. It helps you to define the needs: time, space, requirements and interest.

Outside and inside

Now, let’s consider the last issue about public relations. Everything you show outside is very important, but also important thing is what your company or startup has inside. Everyday work on the relationships inside your organization. Sports, competitions, having fun together in the free time allows people to know better. Friendship inside is as much important as friendship outside the company.

*Having in mind all above we spent great time playing bowling and talking. Railwaymen team always acts together.

bowling railwaymen team bowling railwaymen team

bowling railwaymen team bowling railwaymen team

bowling railwaymen team bowling railwaymen team

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