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Ruby on Rails is an agile web development framework built on top of REST architecture. Developing web applications and APIs with RoR is fast and furious. In the web development world RoR is known as "get something done fast" tool. You can get your application fully working and functional in no time, thankfully to rich community who solved nearly every problem you may encounter. Need integration with third party service? You can be sure that someone already wrote a solution. Once you open this casket full of gems(that's how you call library in our world) you'll never come back to solutions like PHP. Ruby on Rails is getting more and more popularity in startup world too, because startups usually have limited founds and every hour of developer work costs. However, using Ruby on Rails, the development time is cut in half in comparison to other web frameworks, so your startup costs are also cut in half. So what are you waiting for? Get your train filled with your ideas on right Rails! If you are worried about code quality call the <a href="">cops</a>

Agile web development -  Scrum

Scrum is one of the fastest ways to implement agile approach to software development. Its concept is simple, but relatively difficult to implement solutions to the complex problems associated with the production of software. Anyway, Scrum triggers innovation in a team, while providing robust control tool of the project. Allows to create and deliver high quality software in short intervals. Like other agile methods, implements adaptive approach, in contrast to the traditional. Self-organization and self-determination refers to the organizational structure of the software development team and its responsibilities. Not very big, interdisciplinary team gains discretion to the extent necessary to produce a high quality product, including the choice of the procedures and tools. The project team is assumed to be hyper-communicative, and this principle concerns also the client, who takes an active part in the manufacturing process.

Organisations implementing Scrum primarily as a tool for aligning organizational chaos, observe lower costs and increased efficiency of project teams. For those who have fully adapted Scrum and its philosophy, traditional ways of doing projects seem to be unimaginable waste of time and energy.

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