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Thanks to SCRUM teams work more efficiently, communication between employees are better, and created applications fulfill all requirements. See what practices will help you with effective implementation of Agile Practices.

Working in Scrum consists of repeated sprint meetings during the team is focused on the tasks that have been planned for the period of time. Standup ends with a demo and then you introduce the customer new functionality. At the meeting, team set out the priorities for the next sprint and everything is repeated. What should you remember, when you want to work effectively in this schedule?

1. Create team

When you are working in SCRUM, it is important to remember about completing team with technical competence required to implement the project. This is easy! You will know them by the fact that they:

- feel good at teamwork,

- want to learn new technologies and methodologies,

- are enthusiastic approach SCRUM and Agile

- are ready to forget the old habits.

2. Make sure that everyone understands what is SCRUM

Make sure that the team and project environment understand what is SCRUM before you implement it. Get organized several meetings with stakeholders, talk to them individually and explain what are individual SCRUM practice. During meetings (sprint: otherwise a period of time in which the team provides a ready range of functionality includes: programming, testing, documentation) will appear valuable questions regarding technical details, including how to organize tests, how to write requirements and how to manage releases. Help your team and try to explain all doubts.

3. Keep transparency

Make sure that the team and its surroundings (Product Owner, key users) use a common terminology and understand each other. Persons, whose perform work and those whose accept its results should use a common definition of "completed tasks" (Definition Of Done - DOD).

4. Make sure to regularly provide new product's features

During the sprint, team provides anticipated operating product growth. During the Review Sprint, product should comply with the DOD. It can be a challenge for the inexperienced teams and there may be cases where providing new product's features will be coming down with the quality of code or test, cross-checking or the documentation. Pay attention to it and try to ensure that such practices do not become the norm.

5. Stick to the time frame

SCRUM assumes a specific time boxes. Impassable time frames for specific events, so this time is effectively rewards.

6. Planning

It means organize meetings with the product owner and select the functionality that we want to deliver to the customer in the near iteration.

Daily standup

It is always at the same time. While each member answers three questions:

-what have I done from the previous standup?

-what am I going to do in the next few hours?

-Is something blocking this task?

These meetings provide each member every day to be up to date with information what is happening in the project. Also enable a very good project flow, avoiding duplication of work and finding quickly help to solve the problem.

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