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Have you ever wondered about your own web or mobile app? Do you have an idea but you do not know what should be your next step? If yes, please continue reading and find the best way to build a remarkable product.


Let’s take a closer look on the IT market in Poland – strongly growing sector.

Software houses in Poland are constantly extending and offering the newest technologies in its stack. Moreover, Polish IT professionals every year get the highest ranks in international programming contests (Microsoft Imagine Cup, Google Code Jam, TopCoder, the Central European Programming Contest (CEPC).

In Krakow, beautiful city also known as Europe’s Silicon Valley, you can find loads of IT worth-a-chance companies that are waiting for your idea to make it real (and extremely impressive!).

You may have one significant question. Why Poland?

Located in the very center of Europe between the Baltic Sea in the north and two mountain ranges in the south, Poland has become the preferred location for Western Europe and US to outsource its IT services. Over last years world-class firms such as Microsoft, Google and IBM trusted us and opened its back offices here.

In addition to dynamic growth, stable situation of the Polish economy is another big reason why Poland takes the lead in IT outsourcing.


What makes Polish software house so gripping?

Besides attractive location, Poland has the most valuable business resource – well-educated people. Every 2nd young person studies at the university level, which is above the EU average (according to WorldBank). Most of them study Technical Studies such as Computer Science. Thanks to that we are filled with highly skilled tech talents. Not to mention, Poles are fluent in foreign languages – school programs include English lesson from the beginning of education.

Young, motivated workforce is a key to success and we are aware of that. Cultural similarities to Western countries made us believe in the same core values. Thus solving problems that may occur during the project implementation is much easier.

Furthermore, cost of living in Poland is lower than in Western Europe and US. As a result of having PLN currency, we offer competitive pricing for our foreign clients with the same level of efficiency as compared to US rates.

1 Polish Zloty (PLN) equals to 0.25 US Dollar (October 19, 2016)


Software house - Ruby on Rails and Mobile App Development Station

Software development firms are always focused on customers’ satisfaction. Building a product that meets single client’s needs may be achieved only thanks to the team of experienced professionals. The structure of a software house is quite simple and employees are assigned to different projects. The exemplary project team consists of Project Manager (or Scrum Master), Team Lead, Developers, QA (Software Tester). Such companies may use a number of various methodologies to deliver the exceptional product. Lately, the most popular is an agile way of thinking. Agile software development, in its simplest form, ensure that value of the product is maximized throughout the development process. It can be accomplished when teams are able to easily adapt to changing requirements.

In the long run, Poland may be more and more attractive for foreign clients. Staying up to date, using newest technologies and have globally savvy workforce. Obviously much more pros could be mentioned above, but if you were wondering about developing your own mobile or web app - there is no doubt Polish Software House can be a right choice.

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