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Hi there! We are Railwaymen. Did you ever wonder about our name? We tell you a short story now.

Once upon a time…oh, sorry it's not this kind of tale. There is a moment in life of all of us, when we have to choose our way. We choosed technology Ruby on Rails. Why? That is really simple. Ruby is a simple and dynamic programming language focused productivity. Its true magic is hidden in clear and concise syntax that is natural and easy to write. Reflective and object-oriented allows us to deliver projects on shorter deadlines without compromising on the quality of work. We are the best software development engineers to hire when it comes to Ruby on Rails technology.  You see the word play now? We are railing brilliant ideas to you, we are Railwaymen.

You find it interesting to hear about our job? You would like to hear more. Ok! Here you are. We provide the mobile software too!

Do you like iPhone? Of course you do! We make apllications in iOS system which you can buy or get free in App Store. Smartphone is not only one device for that we craft. If you would like to have stunning solution for your iPad, we surely provide it.

Still want some more information?

Ok! Of course we use Android too! Did you see the picture with green Android eats Apple? We like Android and we eat only fresh Apples. One  of our main project that uses this technology is software for restaurants and bars. We are so proud that the clients appreciate  our work.

As you see, we are a team of poeple who enjoy their job. Sometimes we do other things, and one day we met up in the morning to show the world that we are the best developers in the world!

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