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Did you consider mobile trends in technology for the next twelve months? What can we expect in 2015?
We would like to show you short review covers many technology trends to watch for this coming year!

Beacons, Internet of Things

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and beacons will provide a wealth of new options for users.
Geolocation becomes a significant factor for many industries including retail. Beacons are very low-power, low cost, BLE transmitters with up to 50 meter range. Beacons can share information with mobile devices through the applications. This year beacons have been installed i, museums, airports shops and sport arenas. This smart technology will be developed in the 2015!

technology trend mobile technology trend mobile

Drone videos

Drone videos provides new perspective for photography and this change will increase in the coming 2015 year.

Remote controlled copters, so called drones, fitted with professional HD video cameras with stabilizing mounts are the photography future, if only local law and rules allow flights.

Mobile revolution, the next chaper

The combination of social media and mobile technology has provided a wide range of attendee engagement options. The entire dynamic of meetings is changing. The participants don’t sit passively in chairs and listening anymore. They use their smartphones to be in touch in social media channels (Facobook, Twitter, YouTube, others) during events just as conferences. Moreover gamification is being tightly integrated into many mobile event applications to increase participant engagement.

technology trend mobile technology trend mobile

WiFi access is obligatory

Can you imagine the conference without WiFi access?
Free Wi-Fi is becoming expected and ubiquitous in place such hotels and events’ halls.
And what about quality? High-density and high-speed WiFi can be provided by existing technology. In few years free access will be easy and natural.

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