We had a busy week. According to the plans, three important events have been held in two days. There was Soap! conference where we could meet interesting people and listen to the lectures. This event was organized in Hub:Raum in Cracow. 2 days (Thursday & Friday) we were tracking the great event for all mobile applications geeks - Mobiconf. The last one was Meetup organized by Innovation Nest.

I heard many debates if Krakow is a good place for technology business? Those who have attended events in this European city knows well it is not just legend but true. When you think about growing your own startup based on software visit Krakow and meet up the experts around the world. Building a global business and dominating a market segment mean that you have to follow all trends. Conferences are the best places to catch new thoughts and ideas!

Looking closer, the components for the three unique events that we have attended, including:

  • Important and big brands
  • Software vendors with their offer
  • Manufactures of devices
  • Tech celebs that are mainly the lecturers
  • If you are lucky and the event is really big they invite mainstream media celebs including actors or other stars!

Now, shortly about above mentioned conferences!

Soap! is something more than just the usual conference. It is the organization that allows people in Poland grow up a competitive technical communication scene. It brings together technical writers and also learning specialists, project managers, developers, marketing specialists and business managers.

What have we learnt at Soap! ?

Mainly we heard a lot about what technical communication really is and how it should be. Also we could learn what e-learning is and take some tips about UX. This was the second soap! in Krakow. It gave us a lot of knowledge and fun. It was a great pleasure to hear special guests also online. We hope to be there next year again!

soap conference krakow railwaymen events technology

 Soap! Let's start the day!

soap krakow railwaymen technology conference

Mobiconf, the two-days IT conference. If you are focused on mobile technologies you had to be there. The conference featured speakers, that have taken us into mobile world of Android, iOS, Windows Phone and everything other mobile related. Developers from all around the world present great part of their knowledge. There was a special night train with an integration party, where we had a chance to grab a beer with the experts.

mobiconf ios android windows phone

mobiconf party

mobiconf lecture

The last one was Meetup, hosts by Innovation Nest. The subject of the event was important for all those who sale products. We can learn how to reach the first 1000 paying customers from our distribution and sales. Few important mentors were invited from US and EU. The meeting can not hold without Polish experts too!

meetup innovation nest railwaymen startup

All events were for us the great experience and we appreciate all good knowledge we gained!

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