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Whether you run a company or not, surely you try to plan your time. Planning is the best and also the simplest method to successive achievement all your goals.

Currently, there are plenty of applications that support the organization of tasks and plans for the various platforms.

The most important is to find the application that will save at least a few minutes each day. When we look at our work from a year point of view, it turns out that seemingly small saving on a larger scale will be essential. Check out an example of such an applications.

apps for managing business


Trello application allows for quick and efficient task management. Trello works well for project management: makes it easy to assign specific tasks to employees and track their progress. Trello is like a set of several boards on which glue sticky notes that can later be moved from table to table, or throw them in the trash. It also supports coloring cards, assigning their co-workers or setting a deadline of the task. The big advantage of the application is that Trello saves all activities in the cloud, making them available on all devices we use.


Slack application facilitates communication within the company and project management. - Slack is a tool for communication within the organization. Chat with the ability to exchange files with a very powerful API, which extends the capabilities of the solutions of external developers. Its advantage is primarily in the instant search engine that searches both the message content and files that we sent to the platform. With proper implementation of the organization Slack is able to replace obsolete email, what is happening in a growing number of businesses. Slack is available in the free version, but limited to five external applications to integrate. Every day Slack is used by 2.3 million users.

Pomodoro Timer

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your work? If yes, you should install Clear Focus: Pomodoro Timer. With its help, you begin to better manage your time. It resembles in action stopwatch - after pressing start, the application starts to measure time and after the expiry of the time you hear a beep, indicating that the operation should be done. You decide how much time is expected to take one session, if no gaps occur and how long it will take one cycle.

CamCard Free

A business card is a great way to keep in contact and also generate leads. CamCard is your mobile version of the business card holder. The application has been hailed as the best app for business. It has been used by 100 million users. CamCard enables scan business card by using the camera built-in mobile device and take a photo of a business card. The application automatically reads and saves all data from business card in the appropriate boxes: phone, address and company name. CamCards also has special options for social networks, so you can make additional contacts and exchange business cards. The application is available in both: free and paid version.


This is certainly one of the most popular programs for time management, and even as some define: to manage life. It enables us to create notes, plans, checklist, save important information, photos, videos, audio recordings and many more. You can keep everything. With Evernote you can plan your trip around the world, you can manage your projects, you can learn and save your ideas, that just came into your mind. Available on all platforms.

Whether you run a company or not, surely you try to plan your time. Planning is the best and also the simplest method to successive achievement all your goals.



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