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Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud computing and many more. Are you curious about what other IT trends will dominate in 2016?

Infiltrate of new technology

Next year will be marked by a progressive integration between mobile devices - including very popular now - wearables, consumer electronics and all kinds of hardware connected to the Internet.

This deeper integration of different devices and different technologies, with the growing reach of the Internet of Things, can contribute to improving communication between the various appliances regardless of their operating systems. If the suspicions prove correct, this situation could lead to creating another important trend.

3D Printing technology

3D Printing technology is growing really fast. The year 2016 and a growing number of 3D printing materials will open more branches (and consumers) to the growing potential of this market development. The increase print speeds and other improvements popularize 3D printing technology, gradually lowering the price and increasing the attractiveness for investors.


Server virtualization is a technology that is no longer anything new for IT lovers.  Gradually mature solutions SDN (Software Defined Networking), growing interest is also the SDS (Software Defined Storage). This means that data centers are significant changes. The aim is to increase flexibility, reducing attachment to producers and improve capacity to deliver services.

Cloud computing

IT departments will gradually raise more resources to public cloud computing. Security will continue to engage the most doubts, though experts say those fears are exaggerated. On the other hand, the increasingly wider offer, the continuous availability of services and the ability to integrate with applications acting locally are the factors that will stimulate growth in the popularity of public clouds. From the point of view of the management of IT, companies will have to constantly look for people who can manage the delivery of services and contacts with customers. However, IT and cloud computing will go hand in hand in the future.

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