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One of the issues, that becomes even more important last time is User Experience. The growing importance of UX is one of the main trends in the area of web and mobile application design. Everything that allows you to define sensations experienced by the user during use of smartphones is an important determinant for the designer in terms of the right choice of even the smallest elements.

What are the consequences of negligence in the UX? Improper use of UX causes frustration of users and generates waste of time that is spent extra on learning the program. Designers need to remember a few basic principles, such as: facilitate quick browsing of content, highlighting relevant elements important and relevant, intuitive navigation.

The growing importance of UX certainly refers to the competitiveness of the available mobile solutions. Follow the changing trends is the creation of such applications, that are fully optimized for UX and requires comprehensive knowledge and analysis at every stage.

Taking care for the smallest details from the beginning, will allow you to avoid mistakes that will contribute to time-consuming corrections in the later stages of mobile application development.

Application Icons

During one of the lessons about the UX, I paid the attention to how icons are selected. It is necessary to remember that some of them have assigned meaning that absolutely cannot be changed. Let us remember - the user of our application knows better.

A good source of such icons is icons8

It is a useful and friendly resource base not only for iOS devices, but also for smartphones and tablets with Android and Windows Phone. If the png format is enough for our app, it can be download free of charge. An additional advantage is no need to upload inbound links or login.

Another example of a service offering to the application icon is IconFinder. In this case, in addition to the paid icons, there is also a possibility to download those that are free in a variety of sizes and formats (not just png). However, they can contain all sorts of restrictions. The status of each icon is described in detail, so everybody knows whether it is eg .: fully available for commercial use without fees or other claims.


After choosing the icons, there is  time for proper selection of photos. If you do not have your own photographs good enough, there is either a possibility to purchase or downloaded for free. A good photograph is freeimages base.

As in the case of downloaded icons free elements can have various kinds of restrictions, the nature of which are already determine above. To download graphics or photos you must be sometimes logged in.


A very important element to personalize our mobile applications is the font. The best base we can use is dafont.

Fonts have assigned licenses. We'll find one that can be used free, but also for example .: the author asks for a free gift. Type of searched  fonts can be easily determined by appropriate browser settings.


We have the graphic layer ready so there is a time, to search the sounds. The good base is Freesound.

The database requires login to be able to download selected sounds. As in the case of icons, photographs, and fonts, there are also  all kinds of licenses, valid in the case of sounds available free of charge.

Of course, in addition to the above databases, there are also other services, that help developers of mobile and web applications to facilitate the planning of user-friendly solutions that meet the requirements posed by the UX designer.

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