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Nowadays travelling with a smartphone (iOS or Android) as a useful tool,  seems to be something normal that can make the journey much more easier.  There are a lot of solutions to choose. From dedicated apps for travelers (guides, maps, dictionaries) to the Goole Maps or Translate that everybody knows. But, along with many positives, there are some traps that the users have to keep in mind. It is all about using unknow wifi connection and protection of private data.

So, what about positives?

Do you like traditional guides? No? Of course! It is easier to have everything in one device, iPhone or other smartphone. You can find in Google Play or iTunes App Store many guides about city tours, restaurants, museums, shops and monuments. Some of these apps are free of charge and some you can use demo versions and pay for the full access.

Don't forget about Google Translate! Of course it is not perfect but be sure that in the foreign country no one requires you are a polyglot! What can be an obstacle? You generally need a data connection for it to work.

When you drive a car, you use for sure an auto maps. Sometimes Google Maps are better solution (and can be use not only by drivers of course). There is a possibility to save an area’s map to your smartphone while you’re connected to the net, so you have access to it while you are out.

What else good to remember?

Buy a local SIM card. It gives an access to a local mobile network and you don't have to pay for an expensive roaming data transfer. Compare rates of all available mobile network companies and choose the best one.

Also consider usb charger. Not all chargers are the same. Some will charge faster than others. One thing is sure, your smartphone needs power sooner or later and don't make the situation when there will be no electric outlet near you.

There are some traps!

Check a bank balances very carefuly. It concerns also checking email, Facebook, and so on. Generally you are probably OK using whatever WiFi you find, but be wary. It is always safer to use LTE data transfer (check about local SIM card above) than even hotel's WiFi.

Smartphones are the best friends during travels. Don't forget to use social apps to share with friends and family all unforgetable moments!

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