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The number of women that choose technical schools is increasing. Already 37 percent of students in polytechnics are girls.

The report, "Women in polytechnics 2015", which is prepared by the Education Foundation “Perspektywy”, shows that the number of women in technical universities increases constantly from 2007.

The European Union is trying to change the situation too and encourages women to study technical courses. Already, employers complain of insufficient number of qualified professionals, but the situation can be mitigated by the increase in women's employment in the IT sector. Women can be not only better, but also more sought after by employers, precisely because of their feminine qualities.

24000,  so much increased the number of women in technical universities in the past 6 years. And although women are still a minority in the male world of computer, all indications are that this figure could soon increase significantly.

But it will take some time, before this boom of women will translate into an increased number of their representatives in the IT industry.

It used to be thought that a woman's mind generates less technical ability, but has developed the ability of compassion. The first statement is more than controversial but we have to agree with the second one.

Emotional Intelligence make women are more often better managers. Computer science often comes into contact with a client who has a requirement. Emotional intelligence allows to communicate to an appropriate level and find out what the customer really needs and what company can do for him.

Emotional intelligence is useful not only in the external relations of the company. Inside the team, there are also often negotiations and the manager has to be able to coordinate and divide the work, so that the needs of all are met.

Stereotypes still rule?

The IT world is often ruled by the same way that destructively also affects in other professions. It is ruled by stereotypes, which we find from an early age!

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