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Have you ever considered how is it working in a software house? Probably yes, if you've found our blog post. Check our experience.

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Passion and the way of thinking

Programming is not only a form of making money but also a way of thinking. Some may seem this statement only phrase. However, when we consider the ubiquitous technology, and it is realized that programming skill is a kind of gateway to a better understanding of the environment and growth opportunities. Apart from the professional, knowledge of programming languages seems to be a tool that anyone who is interested in technology and wants to continue to grow in this direction, you should know at least at a basic level. In addition, it is worth remembering that every order is a programming idea. So, beyond the ability of logical thinking, it is also essential creativity. Programming is the ability to solve problems and explore new opportunities.

At Railwaymen we have few main rules we follow.

We rely on SCRUM

We use AGILE methodology of project management and rely on SCRUM in the software delivery. We operate on 1–2 weeks iterations and 2–4 weeks releases using SCRUM & XP methodologies. Having sprint planning, daily stand-ups and sprint review with retrospections, we deliver fully tested software. The process of iteration is improved gradually. Transparency is also our leading idea in project management and customer service.


An important feature of the profession programmer is also a constant learning. IT is changing very rapidly. If you do not hold a finger on the pulse, you may find that you do not go with the peloton, but somewhere behind them. It is also good if you have already gained some experience in commercial projects during your studies, because they can be really radically different than academic.


In 2015, Railwaymen was recognized as a top software and web developers in Poland! Probably you want to ask what exactly is Clutch? Clutch is a well-known USA-based research firm that identifies top services companies that deliver results for their clients. You should know that there are three evaluation criteria which were estimated: references and reviews, clients and experience market presence.

This award is very valuable for us, cause the highly weighted component was opinion and feedback from our clients. Cool, right?

We will be your mentor

We all know that there is no better way than learning by practice. This is why we always like to share our experience and knowledge with students and teach them how to become an excellent developer. This year we took a part at AGH IT festival and co-organised workshops. First was connected with Hacking web applications - Ruby on Rails example and second theme was Smartphone - something more than an additional screen for notifications? Maybe you will be interested in this kind of subjects?

Not only work

Last but not least - we like working together and also spending time together. Every Wednesday we have a pizza day and all team just like to sit together and chill or play table soccer. From time to time we organize bonding events with many attractions. We also take care of your health and sports condition, so we provide you with a sportscard.

Why Railwaymen?

- Interesting, international projects, based on the latest technologies
- Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Android, iOS, HTML5, CSS3, JS, Sass, Hamlet Backbone.js, Node.js, jQuery, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CoffeeScript, and more
- Opportunity for professional development and learning from the best
- Building solutions tailored to the individual business needs of our customers
- Railwaymen completed over 50 successfully web and mobile projects
- Working in a modern office in the center of Krakow

Would you like to join our team?

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