We believe that idea to participate in useful and interesting events is exciting.

Our workshop helps to upgrade and verify students’ skills. After just couple of steps, you can discover how brilliant and pure ruby’s syntax can be. This was last Tuesday, November the 25th, that we all met at the University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Together with the numerous audience we have taken the advantage in the subject:  “A solution to the problem of a quick news access -  website parser connected with API”

We’re going to bring you free Ruby on Rails Workshops. Let’s make fun together, come code with us!

How it works?

We provide you materials and great idea of coding. Just register and wait for the e-mail from our team. In the group there are four coaches who help the participants to implement project smoothly.

The aim of the classes is to improve students’ skills in Ruby on Rails technology and solving the real existing problems.

All those who are still hungry for more Ruby on Rails knowledge have another chance. It’s very easy! Second edition on Ruby on Rails workshops starts soon. We will be for you at the Jagiellonian University on Monday, December 8th, 2014.

Attention! The number of participants is limited!
Free registration online is obligatory!

Registration form is available on the website www.railwaymen.org

Each workshop participant will receive a certificate!

Now, let's see how it was at AGH the University of Science and Technology!

ruby on rails workshops agh ruby on rails workshops agh

ruby on rails workshops agh ruby on rails workshops agh

ruby on rails workshops agh ruby on rails workshops agh

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