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As a software development company, Railwaymen is constantly focused on finding the best developers on the software market. On 11.04.2017 we participated in a conference organized by Absolvent Talent Days and Absolvent Consulting Company.

What did we learn about the development environment? Is our recruitment imagination are the same as the HR Specialist for example from Motorola Solutions System, Akamai and other? To this question, we responded after Employer Branding Days Conference.


Table of Contents:

1. The development market is quite difficult and demanding and why?

2. What is the hope of getting the right candidate?

3. What are our methods for finding suitable candidates?

The development market is quite difficult and demanding and why?

- Candidates for Junior Developer's positions have overly high financial requirements

- Developers get bored very quickly. They work in one company maximally 3 years. After this time, they think about the changes. To stop them, the employer should offer something new. Maybe transition to a new project is a good option?

- There are a lot of job offers for programmers. Most developers have full email boxes with offers from prospective employers. Are you looking for an employee? Remember: recruitment offer and recruitment process should be unique.

employer branding days conference

What is the hope of getting the right candidate?

- Creation programming schools where potential developers are properly trained

- Do not use recruiting tricks. The job offer should be clear, legible and need to present the reality as it is

- A medical offer, sports card is a standard now. The employer should offer more and more. Perhaps it is worth to think about the babysitter for employee's child? :)

- Do you recruit? Be fair with the candidates. Inform them about every stage of the recruitment process.

What are our methods for finding suitable candidates?

- We do not focus on candidates after engineering studies only. In the recruitment process, we also consider candidates who gain software knowledge independently

- Our job offer accurately reflects the reality

- We inform our candidates about the stages of the recruitment process systematically. We participate in the Coalition of Friendly Recruitment. We are obligated to be in constant contact with candidates for developers positions

- We are constantly expanding our social packages and benefits system

- We ensure full implementation in the company's structure. The first steps We do together

Although the programming recruitment area is not easy – Railwaymen Team is trying to meet the requirement. We recruit friendly and professionally – don’t you believe it? Check on your own!