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Ruby on Rails Workshops, meet us on March 11 and learn and enjoy free knowledge!

Our Free Ruby on Rails Workshops are the best way to spend your time coding and learning.

Are you going to learn Ruby on Rails or looking for the perfect language? We have a perfect solution for you! Take advantage of workshops prepared by Computer Science Students Circle of Cracow University of Technology and Railwaymen.

Table of Contents:

1. When are where?

2. How to sign up?

3. Write your code following the best practices you know, don't panic - we are for you there, to help you.

When are where?

The aim of the classes is to improve students’ skills in Ruby on Rails technology and solving the real existing problems.

March 11, 2015 at 6 p.m.

Instytut Teleinformatyki (F-5) 

Wydział Fizyki, Matematyki i Informatyki 

Politechnika Krakowska

im. Tadeusza Kościuszki

ul. Warszawska 24, sala 131

How to sign up?

It is very easy.  Visit Railwaymen website, where you find our hot news.

Fill the form and submit it. Than wait for our e-mail on March 9, with confirmation and necessary materials. Remember, the number of places is limited.

What else you should know about workshops?

Bring your own laptop :)

You should keep in mind that workshops are a good fun too.

All you need to start with Ruby on Rails is look at all materials we send you.

Write your code following the best practices you know, don't panic - we are for you there, to help you.

Do you wonder if you fit for the workshop?
If you have thought about coding in ruby, then you should definitely take a chance and apply for the workshops! Let's meet, we will see if there is also a place for you in Railwaymen team!

Last year we had a pleasure to organize a workshops on AGH and UJ.  This time we will have even more fun during building smart ruby on rails app!


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