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As a group of IT and of course Ruby on Rails enthusiasts, we always like to share our knowledge with students and teach how to become a great developer. There is no better way than learning by practice. This time, we would like to introduce you our workshop as a part of IT event based in Krakow called KrakYourNet. This year, they offer three main sections: Internet of Things, Mobile Technologies and Network Security.

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Our first workshop will be connected with Ruby on Rails and network security - Web Applications Hacking - Ruby on Rails example. Our presenters will attack web applications by using SQL attacks, CSRF, XSS. You will learn how to extract information by generating API json / xml and how to use cookies to code injection.

There is also a special recruitment, so if you want to participate, click here for more information and check if you know all these topics:

Basic knowledge about the operation of Web applications with database
Basic knowledge of JS, SQL, RoR
What are cookies?
What is a session in the context of web applications?

Hope to see you on 19th April!

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