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The next part of our big world tour is coming soon. Are you wondering where we are going this time and what you can expect? Learn more about where you will have the opportunity to meet Railwaymen’s Team, grab a cup of coffee and chat about tech and business trends.

Table of Contents:

1. Go to Brand.

2. TechCrunch Disrupt.

3. Gitex Technology Week

Go To Brand

As we mentioned in our previous post, we have been a laureate in Go To Brand contest, which supports the promotion and internationalization of Polish export brands. It is directed to industries with highly competitive and innovate potential. Thanks to that we expand our activities by participating in the largest IT conferences and trade shows in the world.

railwaymen on tour techcrunch gitex

TechCrunch Disrupt 

The first stop will be TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco (Sep 5 -7). I bet that you’ve heard about this event. TechCrunch is the most famous and impactful world’s biggest tech startup conference. This is the best place to meet revolutionary startups and innovative companies.

techcrunch disrupt

At Railwaymen when we attend trade shows our primary goals are to increase brand recognition and to reach people potentially interested in developing their businesses through software processes in general.

We are professionals engaged in software development, delivering innovative and customized solutions to clients all over the world. We focus on building functional, well-designed, fully-tested web and mobile applications, providing the whole development processes including design, UX, UI and maintenance. The Railwaymen team loves nothing more than creating software that will help you build your business.

Railwaymen Team will be represented at TechCrunch by our experts:
Łukasz Młynek, CEO&Co-founder,
Anna Klepacka, PR&Marketing Manager
Mateusz Łach, Business Development Manager.

meet our team techcrunch disrupt

You can set up the meeting with them here or find them on LinkedIn.

Don’t miss the chance and join us there. Meet our team at booth number 43.

gitex technology event

Gitex Technology Week

The next stop will be in Dubai at Gitex Technology Week (OCT 14-18).

This is the biggest technology event in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Stay tuned for more info soon.
Let us know if you are planning to attend those events, so we will be delighted to meet you there.


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Companies that qualified for such project are supported by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and it is also worth mentioning that most of the funds are coming from European Union. We highly appreciate your encouragement!