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Last year was very productive and full of challenging tasks for Railwaymen. We had an opportunity to be involved in many interesting projects and we had many improvements in our company. We have conducted a detailed analysis of the different areas of operations to optimize our processes. We have also introduced innovative solutions for our clients to better match their needs. Their opinions and reviews are always very important for us. We would like to present you our achievements.

Table of Contents:

1. The Clutch Global Leaders.

2. Visit our account on Clutch.


The Clutch Global Leaders 

To conclude a year of exciting projects and company-wide success, we are pleased to announce our inclusion on the Clutch Global Leaders list, featuring the 475+ most highly reviewed companies from around the world. We are featured as a leader on Top Ruby on Rails Developers, alongside four other Polish companies. While any company can be listed on Clutch for free, only the most distinguished are selected as leaders through verified client reviews and Clutch’s unique scoring methodology.  

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Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews website covering over 7,000 companies across 500+ industry verticals, ranging from ruby on rail developers to answering services. Their ultimate mission is to harbor productive business relationships between buyers and sellers on their site. At the crux of their analysis, Clutch conducts interviews with a company’s references, discussing the challenges, solutions, and results of their time working together. In tandem, Clutch utilizes a scoring methodology that covers over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors, such as industry recognition, clientele, and market presence. Clutch is thereby able to identify firms that deliver from those that do not.

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It is an honor to be highlighted as a Clutch Global Leader amongst some of the best development companies from around the world. However, it is important to thank those who have strongly believed in us the whole way here – our clients. Here are some of the things they had to say about us on our Clutch profile:

  • “They are good with timelines, deliver in accordance with the estimates given, and are loyal and reliable when it comes to milestones and estimates,” elaborated the Managing Partner of a law firm. The continued by noting our value and collaborative skills:
  • “They are good at using efficient and relevant technology to satisfy their customer’s needs and the project they're running. They have advised us on different technologies and how to run the project.”
  • Another client, the CEO of a construction tech firm, described our project management expertise and honesty:“When they commit to something, they deliver it. If they can’t do something on time, they tell us. It’s the first time in a long while that I don’t feel taken advantage of by a company. They’ve been very effective with the payment terms and the amount of work coming in. They adjust the team size according to our needs.”

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Visit our account on Clutch

To learn more about why we were chosen as a Clutch Global Leader and our clients’ experiences with us, visit our Clutch profile.